Ladies’ Day by Sarah Barton


Since I am spending the summer at home I thought I would travel another way and jump on a Book Tour! Happy to be part of this one from Bits About Books. And if you have been following this blog you know I don’t do a tour if I have not read the book – I read this one within 24 hours!

After reading the blurb on the book, I was not sure what to expect. It really gave me no idea of the rich and compelling characters I was about to meet.

I started this book and did something I rarely do – read two pages and put it down – not because of the book but because of life. However, I could not get the first character, Amanda, out of my head. Once I opened the book back up, I did not stop until I was done.

The variety and depth of each of the four main women is well portrayed. I especially enjoyed the interactions between the woman and the misconceptions that occur in a lot of female work friends and at the beginning of friendships. You know that one that you think is one thing but reality is very different?

There are some minor characters who step into and out of the story and each time enriches the scene. The story, like a department story has the constants and the transients and each add their own supplement to the story.

This book made me wish I had a beach to sit on while I read it.  Add it to your summer reading – you will glad you did.

Thanks to Bits About Books for providing me with the book and the opportunity to read it. All opinions expressed are my own.

Working in a fading Manchester department store, four women hide their dark secrets: abuse, an illicit affair, huge debts and an overwhelming desire to have a child at any cost. Will their secrets destroy them or can they together find a solution?
An unlikely bond is formed but will it suffice to solve their desperate problems?

Jennie note – when I saw the comment about a G & T – I knew I would like this book!

Sarah Barton – Author Bio

Sarah Barton

Sarah Barton is a contemporary fiction writer who lives in South Manchester. While she spends her days running a property management company her nights are spent with her family and her literary work. Sarah is happiest with a G + T in one hand and a pen in the other..








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