Island Casualty (An Andy Veracruz Mystery Book 2) by D. R. Ransdell


This is the second book in the Andy Veracruz Mystery series.  I enjoyed the first one so much that when this Indie Author made the second one available, I was more than willing to jump back into Andy’s world.

Andy has been invited by Rachel, a fellow musician to visit an island in Greece. Andy is a bit of a commitment phobic but after the first book’s adventures has decided he needs a vacation.  Upon arriving at the island, early, he has coffee with a fellow traveler.  Seems pretty bland, right – well hardly.  When the fellow traveler is found dead – Andy’s on another adventure leaving the idea of a relaxing vacation behind.  An interesting and many layered Police Chief, and Rachel’s housemates add to the story depth in an intriguing way.

This author has the ability to bring the music into the story.  In this case bouzouki music, sweetens the story.

Basically cozy with a twist – if you are looking for all the things you love about cozy mysteries but want a little something different – this book is for you.

Learn more about this author HERE.


An island paradise, a lost engagement ring, and a midnight chase add up to Island Casualty. When Andy Veracruz flies to Greece for a holiday, the California native expects to spend afternoons swimming and nights making love. After all his troubles in Mariachi Meddler, he deserves a break! But at an outdoor cafE, he meets a fellow traveler who accidentally leaves behind a package. Before Andy can return it, the man disappears. Andy tries to enjoy the rest of his vacation, but after he and Rachel are run off the road by a determined motorist, the musician starts doing undercover work by playing in a bouzouki band. Soon he realizes that he’s not safe anywhere on the island. While he’s around, his friends aren’t safe either! He vows not to take any more vacations, but he has to uncover the truth before he can make his escape.

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