The Fibonacci Murders (#1 Howard County Murder Mystery) by Dale E Lehman

Thanks to my math geek husband who uses the Fibonacci series on a daily basis (he even has a t-shirt and a clock!), I know a little about it.  However this well played out scenario took my knowledge to a whole new level.

The local police are a little out of their depth as they deal with a serial mugger, using a nine iron and Leo, who ties in Fibonacci for murders.  The main police character, Peller, a lonely guy after the death of his wife, and one of his right hands, Montufar, are dealing with their own personal dramas.  Also, a math “guy” named Tomio with his own interesting back story is trying to help.   Being the first in the series there is some setup and what I hope will lead to more in-depth character development.  There are several subplots that are left at least partially open to entice you to the next book but they do not detract from this story.

My only little let down was the explanation at the end as I needed a little more of a recap to connect all the dots.

On the whole it was an enjoyable weekend read and I look forward to heading back to Howard County and the next mystery in this series.

You can find out more about the author and check out all the available books in this series HERE.


“I start with zero. Nobody dies today.”

The strange note delivered to Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller of the Howard County, Maryland, police was just the beginning. Soon Peller is in hot pursuit of a cunning killer basing murders on the Fibonacci series, a mathematical sequence in which each number is the sum of the preceding two. And the only thing Peller knows for sure is that the series never ends.

As the murders pile up, Peller, his police colleagues Detective Sergeants Corina Montufar and Eric Dumas, and consulting mathematician Tomio Kaneko race against time to identify and capture the killer. Nor is murder their only problem. The public, the press, and county officials demand that police apprehend a golf-club wielding mugger terrorizing their community. Both crime sprees are wrapped in seemingly impenetrable mystery. Are mugger and murderer one and the same? Why does the murderer seem to know Peller? Why is the Pentagon eager to keep a lid on the investigation? And can the detectives find the killer before he commits his final, terrible crime?

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