The Doctor’s Wife by Myra Hargrave McIlvain

DoctorI first got a glimpse of this author at the Texas Book Festival and picked up her non-fiction book Texas Tales. When I saw her again at the Wimberley Book Fest, I knew I needed another and picked up this book.  Myra is an incredible storyteller.  Her Historical Fiction read as a nice blend of non-fiction and novels and completely pulls you into the past.  This story is from the heart of the German immigrant’s experience in Texas. The main character, Amelia is a young woman who leaves Germany to be the tutor to a child.  Due to circumstances beyond her control she enters a life that she is not prepared for but somehow manages to thrive.

Without giving away too much, the author is able to deal with a subject matter that was part of life in the late 1800’s but hidden behind closed doors.  Her delicate and realistic dealings of what her characters are experiencing kept me reading late into the night.  I could not go to sleep until I found out what Amelia was going to do.

I chose to read this book for the pure joy of reading and I was not disappointed.  Myra is on the list for the Texas Book Festival again this year and I for one will be at her table choosing my next book.  Stop by, meet her and chose one for yourself, you will be glad you did!

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Young teacher Amelia Anton leaves Germany in 1845 on an immigrant ship bound for Texas. After the death at sea of the child she is hired to tutor, her employer abandons her. Amelia quickly accepts the marriage proposal of the much-respected physician, Joseph Stein, only to discover that he is not the husband she expected.

This story of heartache and betrayal is woven into the struggle of the German immigrants who choose to remain on the barren shell beach of Matagorda Bay and create the burgeoning seaport of Indianola.


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