Midnight Marauder by Roy Clinton


This is the first book in a series and the good news is there are already 3 available to get you started!  The book starts with a murder and then jumps back in time to give the reader the story leading up to the murder.  There was a lot to like in this book and if you are a fan of westerns, this may just be a new series for you.

The main character John Crudder is a lawyer looking for a town (he hopes in Texas!).   Along with his trusty stead, Midnight, he works his way to Bandera, Texas.  Although he finds work in a ranch he is not the typical hand, having been raised in New York and born into a wealthy family, John is a lawyer.  However, John is also a bit of a chameleon and quickly adapts to his environment.

I liked the basic story and I am interested to see where John is going to take us, the readers.  For me there was a little too much repeating of details that I could easily recall and some basic dialogue that I did not feel added much to the story.  It was a quick and perfect read for a summer weekend.  But it did pull me in enough to make me curious and will continue reading this series – so stay tuned!

To find out more about this series as well as others by this author CLICK HERE.  


John Crudder is an ordinary twenty-five year old law school graduate looking for work in the old west. What he finds instead is the love of eighteen year old Charlotte and the reality that he cannot have her without placing her in mortal danger.

Raised to privilege, Crudder finds life as a cow hand and later as a marshal, satisfying. Rather than being about to live that simple life, he finds himself thrust into the role of Midnight Marauder. Unless he stands up for those who have no voice, more lives will be lost and an entire town will be wiped out.

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