Deadly Partnership by Richard Gardner

DeadlyHe seems like such an ordinary guy!  Filled with a few surprises, this mild mannered main character, Paul, has recently retired. Since he is a widower he plans to move into his old family house with his sister.  They will enjoy a quiet life in the seaside small town in which they were raised.

Until the burglary happens – then suddenly this ordinary guy is doing some extraordinary crimes.  Paul has everyone fooled.  At times I really disliked this guy but not in the despicable character way more in the Dexter way.  Dexter, from the TV series, was a likeable guy who just happened to be a serial killer.  Paul is a mostly likeable guy who just happens to murder people who get in his way.  Pulled into this story is a paranormal aspect that is intriguing and the introduction of a medium and Paul’s sister’s experiences in the home bring a whole new perspective to the story.  And, a major dilemma for Paul.

The only downside to my reading was the son, I could not figure out if he was a good guy, or he was taking advantage of his dad.  I also had a hard time believing that he so easily entered into the murders with his father.  This was a good read with some unexpected angles that I really enjoyed.


On his retirement, widower Paul Jenkins decides to live with his sister by the sea. But having moved in, the idyllic life that he has been hankering after is thrown into turmoil when he comes face to face with a burglar in the middle of the night.

His impulsive reaction to the intrusion has disturbing consequences when he is confronted with some unsavoury characters. However, it is the dead that he has far more to fear from.


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