Dust In My Pack by Nancy O’Hare


This experience-based travel book is broken into areas of interest.  For example, Ancient Cities or Get Away Adventures or one that was my favorite, Serene Scenes.  The author has participated in a lot of adventures, most of which I am not sure I would be brave enough to do.  In most cases, the travel was rustic, affordable and strenuous.  However, I have done one, the Volcano in Nicaragua and will be doing another one, Tikal in Guatemala next month.  So even an average traveler, like myself, may find themselves on the edge of adventure.

I really liked how each trip was set up:  First, The Basics including a Synopsis, Most Useful Items, and Further Travel Information.  Second, this was followed by the author’s Experience, which in most cases were amazing and read like a short story.

While most of these travels were beyond my traveling ability, I did enjoy reading along as the travel unfolded.  Who knows, I may be adding a few more of these to my list of “want to do” trips.

For more adventures, information on the author and sales links click here.


Dust in My Pack is a new kind of travel book. Instead of choosing a country, travel the world based on what interests you.

Adventure travelers can explore over thirty countries across all seven continents. Relive a chaotic ferry ride across Lake Malawi that stretched from twenty-four hours into sixty. Struggle with leeches and bees along mucky trails in Laos’ northern jungle during the rainy season.

The author pulled stories from her travels across sixty-three countries with a particular focus on remote, lesser-visited destinations. Themes include boat trips, multi-day treks, day hikes, temples and forts, ancient cities, getaway adventures, serene scenes, animal encounters and unforgettable accommodations. Encounter three enigmatic Mayan cities, and learn the stories that continue to seep through their timeless ruins.

With Dust in My Pack, independent travellers will uncover unique destinations for their next trip while armchair travellers will be transported to the most memorable destinations around our world.

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