Beasts Beginning of the End Vol. 1 by Ana Levley


I recently spent 3 weeks in San Diego, and while I was there, I had the opportunity to have a nice long chat with this author. Her book, blog, and personable conversation convinced me to read her book. In full disclosure I am a partial Vegan, which I know to Vegans means that I am a Carnivore and to Carnivores, it means I’m “one of those.” I am 70 – 80% vegan every week. I started, not because of the animals, but because of the health benefits. However after having 32 foster dogs, all with unique personalities, it led my husband and me to start questioning the idea of eating other animals.
Considering all that background information, this book for me was unsettling, graphic and disturbing. However, it is a very good book. The author has the ability to draw you into a future society where animals do not exist. The people are eating meat – care to guess where they are getting it from? Let’s just say there are other ways to pay for your crimes.
The reader is presented with a well thought out scenario that borders close to the direction we may be heading in. Realistic occurrences from today’s world provide a solid basis for this futuristic vision.

This book opens to door to a plethora of thought and questions as to what is humane and where is our world heading?

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The future seems beautiful in the World Collective. This nation exists 1,000 years from now and is the perfect utopia… or so it seems. A deadly truth lies underneath the dome forcefield that is chilling. Atlia, a member of the World Collective, discovers the truth when she is wrongly accused for her father’s murder. She was one of prospective leaders until she is framed for the crime of telecide – murdering her father via his telegraphic, an advanced biotechnology. Once she finds out the truth, she has two choices: (1) to tear down the only world she knew or (2) go back and forget what she learned. Will she bring the truth to light or bury it deep within the fake Utopia that the World Collective exudes?

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