A Fateful Greed (Joe Robbins Book One) by Patrick Kelly

GreedI had the pleasure of meeting this author at the Texas Book Festival.  When I saw the cover, with the Pennybacker Bridge and it was set in my hometown of Austin, I knew I needed to give it a read. While all of that attracted me to the book, the story of Joe kept me reading.  Two days and I was done – in between holiday chores even!

Austin is a wonderful mix of people, and in a past life I worked with the Joes, Webbs and Gwens of the business world (side note I do not miss it!), so I easily related to these characters and story.  Joe thinks he is a good guy and trying to do the right thing, of course being the prime suspect in a murder will be a bit of a motivation!  There are some nicely played out physical scenes as well as the drama of trying to balance work and personal lives.  The story line moves along quickly and keeps you engaged.

This book was a nice set up for the series, and I look forward to reading the next adventure for Joe.

This author has some interesting items on his website.  Take a moment and find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Live in the United States and would like to read this book? Just make a comment below to be entered in a drawing to win a paperback copy! Drawing on Wednesday, December 12 – 8am CST.


Joe Robbins, amateur boxer turned family man, stumbles into a high-tech storm of greed, lust, and murder

Joe has just been hired as CFO of Connection Software. At his first company party, he witnesses a young woman commit suicide. No note. No motive. The image haunts his dreams.

But the company is busy writing software, and making sales, and everyone is going to get rich! Employees careen around Austin like bats.


When the market turns, the company falls apart, and the paper riches evaporate. The company fires Joe, and then a director is found murdered.

Austin Homicide has Joe down as suspect #1. Two more players are murdered, and Joe might be next.

It’s a long stay at the big house or a short ride to the morgue.

No thanks. Joe’s searching for door number three.

>>>>>> Killer reviews

“I can feel the Austin sun and taste the margarita as I visualize the team from Connection Software at the other end of the bar.” – Amazon reviewer

“fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story’s peak” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

One thought on “A Fateful Greed (Joe Robbins Book One) by Patrick Kelly

  1. Hi Jennie, it was great to meet you at the Texas Book Festival! Thank you for thoughtfully reviewing A Fateful Greed.

    Here’s a special blog offer: I will give an ebook version of A Fateful Greed to any reader who reaches out and mentions the Jennie Reads blog. Contact me on Facebook page or my website: patrickkellystories.com


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