Summer at the Old Boathouse (Hope Cove Book 3) by Hannah Ellis


Whenever I see this author’s name, I know I am in for a good story.  This third book in the Hope Cove series takes a step back in time.  Being a naturally curious person, this was the perfect book for filling in all the questions I had about Jack & Josie’s earlier lives from the previous books.

What I really enjoy about this author’s books is her ability to make her characters relatable. I always feel like I know, or could know the people in her books – sometimes parts of their personality could even be me.

I appreciate the reliability of consistently good books and this author delivers every time! It’s always a feel good, read for the pure enjoyment of reading book!

For more information about Hannah Ellis and her other wonderful books CLICK HERE.


Of all the guys, she falls for the one who’s off limits…

Emily Winters would do anything for her best friend Josie. Every week they meet for a catch up at the Old Boathouse – an idyllic little café by the Thames where Josie’s boyfriend Jack works.

As the summer draws on, life seems perfect. Emily’s writing career is taking off and she’s throwing herself into the dating scene.

There’s just one problem: she compares all the men she meets to Jack.

And none of them measure up.

Now all she needs to do is figure out how to fall out of love with her best friend’s boyfriend. Because even when Josie moves to the countryside, and her relationship with Jack crumbles, Emily knows there are rules to friendship that you should never break.

But can they be bent in the name of love? Is there a way Emily can get the man of her dreams without ruining her friendship with Josie? One thing’s for certain: when you’re in love with your best friend’s guy, the course of true love will be anything but smooth…


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