The Ordinary Doll by Mario Kiefer


I had the pleasure of meeting this Author at the Texas Book Festival.  His booth was almost directly across from mine, and the cover of this book stared at me for two days!  My eyes kept going back to it, but I could not find the time to walk over and pick it up.  Luckily the author took the step and introduced me to his work.  I tucked this book into my Kindle for a vacation read and was not sure what I was getting into.

For those of you who just blindly read what I suggest (first of all you’re fabulous) – get this book! I really don’t want to go into too much.  Let me just tell you my reaction – Oh MY!, No Way, Really! And then picking my jaw up off the floor.

Yes, it could use a tiny bit of polish – but the story! This author weaves with finesse a story that will consume you.  It’s a story I keep coming back to and have been describing in as little detail as possible to everyone I talk with.  Read it for the story, and you will not be sorry.

For more about this incredible Indie check out his site here.


Luciana was born into a poor family of migrant workers. She dreamed of a better life. She did not ask for much; wanting only to find love, family, a home, and an enduring future. She wanted nothing more than to dance to the music of life. But on that terrible morning that the monster invaded her home, it seemed that all was lost and she despaired for a future that might have been.

With grit, determination, and perseverance, Luciana embarked on a road to recovery; a road that led her to both triumph and failure. To finally succeed, she knew that she must battle the demons of her nightmarish past to turn her dreams into reality.

The Ordinary Doll is her story.

Those who have read Kiefer’s first offering (The Ordinary Life) may recognize many of the characters in this work.


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