The Ordinary Life by Mario Kiefer


Is anyone ordinary?  While this book says it follows the lives of three ordinary people, I believe that ordinary is like normal – it all depends on your perspective.  Normal is a state of mind, and the same could be said for ordinary. Having read the second book by this author Ordinary Doll and been blown away, I really looked forward to reading this, his first book.

What I found engaging about the book was the different views of the same events from the three main characters in the book.  It can be very difficult for a child to understand what the life of their parent is and what it involves.  The progression of the characters as they aged and the realization that the parent was not what they appeared to be in the child’s eyes was well done.  The realization, as the children grow, that their view was limited was also well presented.

The author skillfully takes us through not only the events of the family but also background material on issues, locations or events happening during the time period.  This helps the reader understand the complete environment and gives the characters a more realistic setting and justification for their actions.

I did enjoy this book and it helped me to understand some of the basics behind Ordinary Doll – however, my personal choice,  I would recommend reading them out of order with this book second to fill in the background.

And life goes on, what are you going to do?

To learn more about this author and his other works CLICK HERE.


A work of literary fiction based on true events that follows the lives of three ordinary people:

Born into a migrant family, Lucia worked the fields and witnessed first-hand hardship and abuse. When she moved into the rancher’s home, she met and later married his son. After all, white men don’t beat their wives. How was she to know?

Blinded by the love he had for his father, Julian, didn’t see the abuse. When his mother took him away, he felt unwanted and unloved; jealous of a younger brother who seemed to be the golden child. Until that day in September, 2001, when the hidden hand that moved them on their journey was finally laid to bare.

Mateo’s own issues were unknown and unseen by most as he struggled to grow from boy to man. The events of his past always got in the way of his journey. If ever he was to traverse his future, he had to first learn to move beyond his past.

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