Valbore Tasks of the Nakairi Book 1 by K. E. Young


While average in size this book starts out reading like the intense tomes of over 1,000 pages (It’s only about 330!).  The characters and locations are rich in the feel of well-done fantasy, and those great Dragon themed books that can place you into the story.

At its core, this is a story of inner strength.  The main character, Sara has been brought to a strange land for a purpose that she was not aware.  Sara’s ability to take what the worlds have given her and turn them into the binding to encase her as she tries to accomplish her assigned “Task” shows the reader just how strong a broken person can be.

The story is not perfect. There are a few areas where I had problems understanding the quick response of characters.  I also felt like the second half of the book did not have the same rhythm as the first.  But, looking at the book as a whole,  I was impressed with this story and look forward to reading more by this author.

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The Goddess brought Sara to an alien world for a special ‘Task’, but how can a profoundly damaged programmer destroy a demon?

Millennia ago, the Goddess’s universe was destroyed in a war between gods. Her children found refuge in havens offered by thirteen of her brothers and sisters. Now, the Goddess brings Nakairi – ‘foreigners’ – from one haven to another to fulfill Tasks only they can do. Tasks that the Goddess finds essential.

Sara is a crippled programmer, victim of horrific assault and broken by her experiences. Now, she walks in fear through the halls of an alien palace beset with intrigue. Her only defenders, the dragonlords, are predators who terrify her, but they’re better than the rest of the palace denizens. When events force the dragonlords to leave, she is left unprotected and she finds how very bad it can get.

Hurt to her very soul, she must find the strength to be the hero that being a Nakairu implies, for in her lowest hour, she finds her Task, and it is worse than she ever imagined.

Not all hope is lost though. Broken or not, if there’s anything Sara knows, it is how to endure. It must be enough. The Goddess chose her for this Task and no one else can do it.

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