Searching for Unique: A Travellers Guide to Extraordinary Experiences by Nancy O’Hare


This is the second travel guide by this author that I have had the pleasure of reading.  The author lives the idea of experiencing new lands as a traveler instead of just a tourist.  This volume takes us into the world of adventurous hikes, little-known festivals and Ancient Temples as well as Modern Metropolises.  While most of these may not appear in everyone’s tops lists they are well worth your time and effort to discover.  The book also took me to countries where I have little knowledge i.e.: Bhutan, Myanmar, and Latvia.

The author’s insider point of view takes you into the heart of the areas and shares that view with the reader.  I really enjoyed the chapter on Festivals and felt like I was sitting right there next to the author as she enjoyed little-known glimpses into various cultures.

Thinking your New Year’s Resolution should be to be more adventurous?  This needs to be your first read!

To learn more about this interesting author and her books, CLICK HERE.


Why choose between a travel story or a guidebook when Searching for Unique gives you both?

After travelling to over seventy countries and living in five, the author distills the best undiscovered destinations and shares insider advice. Searching for Unique is meant for travellers seeking hidden sights that most people overlook or simply do not know exist.

Discover more than twenty-five places across five continents through bite-sized narratives that fit into your busy, pre-trip schedule. Trek through untouched valleys with more sheep than people in the blustery Faroe Islands. Feel the heat of an ancient Buddhist fire ceremony in the secluded Kingdom of Bhutan.

Explore six themes—wilderness treks, little-known hikes, ancient temples, rare festivals, fallen kingdoms and modern metropolises—to find unexpected wonders around our world. Taste the fiery sambal of Brunei’s Gadong Night Market or dance alongside your favourite Malipenga team on Malawi’s Likoma Island.

Where will your unique search take you?

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