The Mage-Lord’s Legacy (The Constellation Saga, #2) by Kay MacLeod


I’m very glad I invested the time to read the first book in this series as it laid a perfect platform for diving off of and into this story.  This was a wonderful continuation of the Constellation’s story.  The book picks up with Kitty and her “team” trying to get more Urns – but the Tenebri have other plans.

All the favorites are back with a few nice additions.  The best new character being River!  She added a good amount of sass and attitude to the story as well as spicing up some of the relationship angles!

This author does a nice job of keeping the reader going and encouraging you to be involved with the story.    Her tidbits of storyline surprises that she weaves in as well as simultaneous happenings made for a beguiling read.

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“They need six Urns, Archer, and they have four. Only two stand between your world and mine.”

Unsure whether to trust information from a Tenebri mage, the Constellations race to stop the invasion of their world. Every decision could result in fatal consequences. Do they gather the lost Urns, find the remaining members of their team, or split their focus and possibly lose everything?

As usual, no-one seems to agree and it’s up to Kitty to prevent her allies from falling apart. But with her own demons from the past, devastating betrayals, and the distraction of forbidden love, it might take more than she has to offer.

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