Discovering Witchetty Waters by Trisha J. Kelly

Here is the winner of the Book Talk Radio Club Best in Children’s Books.



Did you or your kids love Magic Tree House?  If so as middle schoolers they will love this more mature series in that theme.  With time travel, special creatures, magic and a glimpse of Aliens it has the potential to take off as a new reading addiction for the 12 and over crowd.  I would even suggest it for the 10 and above who are already reading at or above their reading level.

When siblings find themselves moving with their parents to a remote island, life becomes anything but boring.  The island is filled with interesting characters and creatures, such as their teacher and her talking/flying cat, a guard dog that is part dragon and many more.  The siblings soon discover that they are important parts in a very crucial plan to remove a curse from the island.  Can they handle going back into the 1300s and recreating history?  It’s well worth the read to find out.

With six books already available in this series, you’ll be ready for any young reader to latch onto these books, have quite a bit of enjoyment and get lost in the adventures!

As a side note, I really want those insoles (you need to read the book!) !!

For more about this author her entire series CLICK HERE!!


For thirteen-year-old Scarlett and her younger brother Mason, a move to Waters End marks the start of a real-life roller coaster adventure. They are about to enter a strange world, a place where anything can happen, but not to them, surely? This sort of stuff only ever happens in storybooks.

Events were written in the history books over 600 years ago and only now can it all begin. A plethora of magical people and unusual creatures are all waiting for them to arrive. Very soon they will be hurtling through a time portal as they are sent on their first quest and immediately find themselves in great danger.

Many eyes are upon them wherever they go. Fleeing from the sinister woodman and hiding from the gang of villainous pirates that would surely take them prisoner. Lost in an unfamiliar world they find themselves alone, separated from their wizarding allies. Will they ever find ways of succeeding in their quest?

They cannot get home and trouble is waiting for them around every corner.

Discovering Witchetty Waters is the first in the thrilling middle-grade fantasy series from author Trisha J Kelly.

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