Love Fiesta Style: 17 Texas Short Stories by Various Authors

FiestaIf you’ve been following my blog for a while, you notice that I rarely read and review romance.  In fact there are only two romance writers that I automatically say yes to – one of them is Jessie Scott.  Of course,  when she approached me about reading this collection I said yes! Plus the fact that they are all set in San Antonio during Fiesta made it very appealing.

One of the wonderful things I enjoy about short story collections is that I read genres that are not in my usual reading list.  This collection has a very wide range of romance genres from paranormal to sweet to steam!  Each story starts with a brief summary and a rating as to the heat level.  Majority of the stories are mild.  Each story ends with a little something about the author and contact information for most that will allow the reader to see what else the author may have available.

With such a wide range of stories, it can make rating the book challenging but on the whole, this was a great collection with a lot of variety.  If you have been thinking of trying a new romance subgenre but didn’t want to invest in a book, this is the perfect solution.

Happy Reading!


You’re invited to the biggest party in Texas – San Antonio’s Fiesta!

Explore the most romantic city in the Lone Star State through 17 incredible stories created exclusively for this anthology.

Love Fiesta Style features mermaids at a majestic coronation, college sweethearts reuniting at a war widows’ ball, a cowboy spying his dream woman at an art  show, friends igniting into lovers over a night-time parade, a spirit playing matchmaker for a chef and his customer, plus much more.

Whether you like your romances mild, medium, or hot, the San Antonio Romance Authors have you covered.

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