The Hard Goodbye By Chris Miller

GoodbyeI have read a few things by this author so I know that when I start one of his books I need a few things to be in place.  Like daylight, someone close by, and a chunk of time because I won’t want to put it down.  I took this read with me to the gym this morning.  It’s a novella so I thought I could get it started and would finish later in the afternoon.  I always do 20 minutes on the treadmill before starting the real workout.  20 minutes into the book I thought, just 10 more – you know where this is going right?  I never made it to the weights, and when my husband found me (still on the treadmill) to say it was time to leave, I read in the car home (thank goodness he was driving!).  It’s done!

The first chapter is gruesome and sets the pace for the entire story (I think I audibly groaned a few times – the guy on the next treadmill just gave me a look).  Then the read gently jumps into a happy, in love couple – don’t let it fool you!  I felt like an adrenaline junkie – maybe as much as the character Jimmy – I needed the next fix (chapter) and I needed it now!

This author labels his stuff as horror – this is horrific but more of a blood pumping, heart racing, fear for the characters type of read.  Maybe it’s worse because the monsters are human.

You can follow this author, Chris Miller HERE.


As the old axiom goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

John Savage realized that too late.

Following the biggest job of their lives, John and his small crew think they’ve got it made. But a lawyer, a junkie, a crooked cop, Savage and his girlfriend have unknowingly opened Pandora’s Box. And they won’t know it until it’s too late. As the brutally tortured bodies of their partners come to light, tensions rise all the way to the screaming, chaotic conclusion of this bloody crime thriller.

High risk brings high reward, but the safe bet is usually the smartest. Stick to the plan, or get ready for the hard goodbye.

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