Counterweight Maneuver (The Counterweight Series #1) by Richie De-Benham

Science Fiction


Book Talk Radio Club has accurately awarded another winner.  This book is in their 2018 Science Fiction category.








What if the aliens currently attacking our Earth are actually technology controlled by a member of our government?  Side note – Ok, in today’s political arena that may not be too far fetched.  However, in this case, the technology, that at first seems incredibly unbelievable, is logical and makes it easy to comprehend how this could be attempted.  The book is fast-paced and the first in a series. You have the first book usual items such as backgrounds and open ending, but both are presented in such a way that the reader is involved.

As much as I enjoyed this book I did have a disconnect with the relationship between two of the main characters – Bradley and Shana.  Maybe after a little more time with them, like the next book, I will better understand the connection.

In the meantime, read more about this author HERE.


ONE ELEVATOR. ONE HUGE SECRET. Oakland, 2025. Journalist Bradley Wilcox lands the scoop of his life, but within 24 hours he’s out of a job and on his own. Meanwhile, programming genius Oswald Carrington is abducted from his parents’ home. His mysterious captors only want one thing: his specialist knowledge. He’s aware they are extremely dangerous, but can he turn down the opportunity of a lifetime? When Wilcox discovers his story was killed by the Federal Government, he’s determined to find out why. But alien forces have been let loose and now threaten the very existence of mankind. Alluring Shana Grey joins Bradley’s quest for the truth – but he’s convinced she’s hiding a profound secret. When they both find out where the elevator leads, life will never be the same again. Counterweight Maneuver is a fast-paced science-fiction adventure story in which incredible alien technology and political ideology combine to hold planet Earth to ransom.

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