The Elizabeth Street Epiphany (Book 4) by Aaron S Gallagher


Today is the day – RELEASE DAY for Book 4 of the Bennett & DeMarko series – and I have been not so patiently waiting!!

I have had the pleasure of reading all of this series and was so happy to see this one finally released.  Book 3 left the reader hanging in a major way and I was anxious to see how the author pulled it all together.  This book concentrates on Toni and it was a refreshing change to have things from her perspective.  I love her partner, Harry but with him locked away in prison, Toni is given the opportunity to control the narrative.

Many of my favorite characters from previous books are back – Mr. Dahli and his nephew as well as FBI Special Agent Mills, and Office Clara Bowdler even Cheddar!  All of these extras have been a continuing and supportive force that enhances the story.

Toni has grown so much as a character and seeing her work through issues, solve cases and deal with life was an enjoyable read.

I think this is the best one, yet, of this series and really enjoyed it.

SPOILER ALERT – There is another cliff at the end of this book – but the main plot of Harry in prison is completely dealt with.

For more about this Author go HERE.


Once upon a time, everything was perfect. And then it wasn’t.

Toni Bennett’s partner Harry is in jail for a murder he didn’t commit, a former client of theirs. Toni’s first, last, and only priority is to find the evidence necessary to clear his name and set him free. The world, however, has other ideas.

The mortgage is coming due, the utilities are overdue, she needs to eat, and her liquor store tab is in arrears. In order to keep the business open Toni has to find other work. But every moment spent making money is another moment spent not figuring out who framed Harry. When she finally does have time to work his case it turns out that how they framed him and even who framed him to begin with, aren’t nearly as important as WHY.

The Elizabeth Street Epiphany is the stunning conclusion to the story that began in The Bleecker Street Bodies, raised the stakes in The Delancey Street Disappearances, and doubled down on the trouble in The Mercer Street Murder.

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