Midnight Crossing (Midnight Book #2) by Diane Shute




Welcome to the Romance Winner for Book Talk Radio Club Awards 2018!








This book, the second one in this series,  is set in the 1830s in England and France and has all the elements that romance lovers – love! There is plenty of intrigue, picturesque settings, nobility, and scheming.

This book reminded me of all those horse books loved and devoured by middle school girls – but that had matured into an adult pleasure read (pun intended!)

This, however, is not one of those quick reads as there are a lot of characters (and variations on their names) so slow down, enjoy the relaxed pace and the story.

For more about this author and her other books CLICK HERE.



When Quenton wants to take Alix home to France after years of exile in England, she is torn between the restoration of her fortune and her dream to build her Sterling Wood Stable into a successful racing business. She finds an unlikely friend in her uncle’s companion, Nicholas Griffon. Caught by her surprising fondness for him, Alix does not realize shadows from the past are stalking her—until she’s trapped by their darkness.

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