Nothing But A Song by Keri De Deo

Young Adult



This sweet story is the winner of the Young Adult Fiction award from Book Talk Radio Club.







Young Adult is one of those genres that can mean so many different things to the reader.  In this case, I would be comfortable with anyone from 13 up through 98 reading this book.  The book pulls you into the drama immediately with an extreme accident that changes lives.  The main character, Rebecca is portrayed with all the angst of a teenager going through a very difficult time.  The relationships she has with her friends, and the boys in her life were well done.  Add in music as a character (because it really does play an important part in the story), and I can see why this book won the award.  This is a short book that contains a big story.

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If you like music and romance, you’ll love Nothing but a Song…the story of Rebecca Kendall who has a life any nineteen-year-old would envy: musical talent, love, romance, and a promising future. When a tragic accident erases her past, present, and future, Rebecca’s life turns into turmoil and irreconcilable loss. Becca faces her new life alone, angry, depressed, and DEAF. Becca wants nothing but a song, but will her dream survive such insurmountable odds? Will she ever take another chance at love? Only a mysterious stranger can answer those questions.

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