Lost in Amber by Esther Rabbit

LostAmberThis is a light and easy read – light sci-fi, light romance, a touch of witty banter between characters (one of my favorites!) and a dose of a good storyline.

The main characters Zoey and her neighbor who just happens to be an Ambassador (from another planet) are well done and adorable in that trying to save the world yet follow their attraction kind of way.  But for me, the best parts were the ones centering around the three women friends, Zoey, Sam and Emma.  Their relationship and having each other’s backs – no matter what – was really a strong and enjoyable core of the story.

I think the perfect target reader for this book is the New Adult genre – however, even YA would be comfortable reading it.

I may be a little older –but I still enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing where this author heads next.

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Twenty-four-year-old Zoey doesn’t have the time to mope over her recent breakup and deal with the royal mess that is heartbreak. Not when she learns she has alien genetic enhancements and powers beyond her control. And who delivered the news? Her odd, yet attractive downstairs neighbor, Jasper… the New Interplanetary Alliance ambassador.

Before being terminated, their former Interplanetary ambassador, Etienne derailed and teamed up with Professor Trenton Beck in a rogue plan that doesn’t sit well with the universe.

Jasper’s mission on Earth was clear: capture the fugitive scientist responsible for the genetic alteration and retrieve the remaining altered survivors.

But now, there’s Zoey.

A new Interplanetary Alliance ambassador on an earthbound mission. A handful of genetically altered humans to be rescued. Meeting her changed everything.

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