The Strange By J. B Murray


Yesterday on Twitter I placed a Dear J. B. Murray note asking him to please include a warning on his book.  Not that kind of warning – more along the lines of Readers Beware, please turn off your phone and clear your schedule before reading this – you will not want to be interrupted once you start!

Every time I had to stop reading and go about life type things I was not happy. This book starts off calmly giving the reader a view in three worlds.  In current time there is Rey, police officer on leave after the tragic death of his wife and daughter, and Clara, a musician who loses her grandmother and gains an inheritance.  Then we have Mary and Percy in 1816 at Lake Geneva.  Throw in some found letters from long ago, a time-traveling Edgar Allen Poe and hold on to your seats.  The author lulled me into the story, enjoying the characters, settings and gradual unfolding of plots – and then – well the gloves came off!  I had read the summary and 40 pages in was still wondering where was the terror? The horror? – Patience my dear reader – it’s all there.

While the author says this is not part of a series, he is releasing another book Monocle Man about one of the character’s earlier life – so keep an eye out.

I for one am adding this author to my watch list – can’t wait to see where he takes his readers.  And next time, the calendar gets cleared!

For more about this multitalented author CLICK HERE.


Edgar Allan Poe… haunted… dark… mysterious… time traveler?

A timeless nightmare stalks both the day and night. It’s taken everything from Poe, compelling the man to traverse time itself in search of a savior.

Reynolds, a man broken by tragedy, and Clara, a woman who’s lost so much in her young life are thrust together by the enigmatic Poe to aid his quest. Will the two succeed in hunting the most cunning of history’s greatest monsters? Or will they become the hunted?

Meanwhile in Europe, Byron and Mary work relentlessly in creating a monster of their own, for the purpose of eradicating such an evil. But have they gone too far? And what consequences have they wrought upon this world?

The Strange is a place where history meets fiction and the two dance delightfully to the calliope of the supernatural, science fiction, mystery, horror and suspense.

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