Livi & Grace by Jennifer Lynch Illustrated by Missi Jay

Livi & Grace

From the first page the whimsical illustrations and lyrical prose make this book the perfect read aloud for a large variety of ages.  It made me long for my days as a librarian so that I could see the faces of children as they enjoyed this lovely book.

The main characters are two sisters who go about their days in parallel yet separate ways.  They go about each new activity celebrating their differences no matter how big or small.  This book lends itself to so many discussion opportunities for children and adults as well.

As someone who grew up with a brother that looked the exact opposite of myself, I wish I read this book as a child so we could have taken more joy in our differences.

It is rare for me to review children’s books.  Having been a Librarian I am very picky as to what makes my personal must-have list. This book definitely earned a spot.

Livi & Grace will be published on June 11, 2019 – so keep an eye out for it and add it to your must-read list.


Livi & Grace are sisters who couldn’t be more different.  As they go through their days being their unique selves, they share the message that differences are to be celebrated and enjoyed, and that everyone is already precious and loveable.  Join their party – and enjoy yourself – whoever and however you are!

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