The Goodall Mutiny by Gretchen Rix


This book is the first in a Space Opera series.  This author writes a cozy mystery series I enjoy so when I saw her name I wanted to give this a read.  To be completely honest I have very little experience with Space Operas – this is only my 3rd book.  I am still not sure what to expect or if I enjoy the genre.

It was a very quick read and a good “romp” of a story.  Nothing heavy going on so the perfect weekend or beach read.  The author does a good job of putting the reader in the environment. Maybe a little too good at times as she describes smells including episodes of vomiting which were tough for me as that is the one thing I have a major problem dealing with.

While a lot of the ideas presented in the story were quirky and interesting, I am not sure that it helped me as a reader get into the book.  I am pretty sure that the only reason I gave it a full read was my previous enjoyment of this author.

If you are a Space Opera fan please give it a try and let me know what you think.

For more about this author and all her works CLICK HERE.


Wary of her youngish captain. Afraid of edges, of conflict, of having to take charge. Lieutenant Joan Chikage is soon thrust into the leadership role she has so far avoided. As the highest ranking officer left on the doomed lower decks of the deep space cargo ship Goodall, it’s up to Chikage to save her crew. Including the captain’s cat. Their portion of the ship has been jettisoned away from the rest. And time is running out.

Murder, mutiny, action and adventure. First in a new space opera series.

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