The Ordinary Monster by Mario Kiefer


Having read the first two books by the author, I could not wait for this, his third.  Once again he is able to take his reader into another world.

The Ordinary Monster shows the ripples that can occur for decades commencing at a single act of violence.  Readers with an open mind will enjoy the pathways made and followed throughout the story.  Can someone who does a despicable act change and become a good person?  Can a good person be led to do a heinous act? This book had me considering and discussing both of those questions.  This is a book to get lost in.

I was recently discussing this book with JuliaPicks1 and we came to the conclusion that this author’s books are hard to describe without giving away too much of the essence of the story so we made the decision to tell people – JUST READ IT!

For more about this author CLICK HERE.


In The Ordinary Life, you were introduced to Lucia, her children and their struggles to overcome their tumultuous beginnings. In The Ordinary Doll, you watched Lucia’s sister, Luciana, travel the path of her reality. But what happened to the man who invaded their home that early morning in 1961? Was it betrayal that motivated Hector to commit his sin? Or was it the fury that dwelled within — that monster that hides in us all? In a singular act, he changed not only his life, but the lives of those around him. What happened to the boy, Junior, the one who ran away? He was an ordinary boy living his ordinary life, but on that morning, his life was changed. Haunted by that tragedy, it forever marked him. Running from his sins, can Hector find peace? Chasing after vengeance, can Junior find hope? But can peace be found when wrath and vengeance meet? When two monsters collide — who will survive?

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