Crossing Lex by Debby Caruso


Ms. Caruso pulled me into her book Merry Hanukkah (or what I call the story of my life!) so when I saw she had published another book I grabbed it.  When I saw that it was over 600 pages, I confess I was happy – sometimes I like totally disappearing into a book and I am not ready to leave a book after only 320 pages.

I really enjoyed this book.  Great story, characters the whole pie.  However, I had a few minor disconnects.  First, the book takes place in New York City before 9/11 and ends a year after it – which made me figure out the ending pretty quickly.  Second, the main character Danielle has had a tumultuous childhood that now impacts her life as an adult.  I know I already said how long the book is, but I really would have liked more on Danielle’s younger years as I had some problem feeling sympathy for some of her issues and how long they lasted even with years of therapy.

Bottom line – I would suggest this book without a second thought, and this author makes my short list of “I want to read whatever they write.”

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It’s 1999 and Danielle is living the dream: working in New York City, creating a brand-new life for herself, and looking for romance. On the cusp of finding just what she’s always dreamed of, memories of past trauma threaten to interfere with what may be the love story of a lifetime. As she moves forward, she will have to decide if she is defined by her past, doomed by her past, or perhaps made better because of it.

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