The Wrong Stuff by Guy Thair


This was one of those books where the action is always going, and it is hard to decide where to stop when you need to get on with other things.  Hannah Meredith is not your typical hero or adventure gal but that it just what she ends up having to be.  The story has a bit of time travel, chase scenes all over the country (and different time periods), bad guys, thugs with heart and at the center Hannah who just wanted a good deal at an auction!

I really enjoyed the storyline and the touches of snarky/dark humor.  The author says he wrote this entirely on his phone so I was very leery when I began reading it.  To be honest, there are only a few minor glitches in the form of typos, and they did not slow me down at all.

So jump in and maybe read it on your phone – you know original form an all that – and see what you think.

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A mysterious box opens a link to the past and a plot to change our future.

When Hannah Meredith buys a box marked “stuff” at an auction, her world suddenly unravels into a series of increasingly bizarre and terrifying events.

Follow Hannah and her unlikely allies in their frantic attempts to stay alive and save the world from disaster in The Wrong Stuff. A fast-moving, original thriller with a SciFi twist and more than a touch of dark humor.

One thought on “The Wrong Stuff by Guy Thair

  1. Thank you for a very generous review, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Sometimes I wish I’d never mentioned using my phone, hahaha.
    I’m not sure why that’s the thing so many people zoom in on, it seemed perfectly natural to me at the time and still does, really.
    I’ve never had a computer and I started blogging on my phone, which is where The Wrong Stuff chapters were originally written, (from weekly writing prompts) although the actual publishing element was somewhat problematic, to say the least.


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