The Day Gravity Became Irrelevant by Ralph Rotten

GravityA few years ago I met this author at the Tucson Festival of Books and picked up the first book in his Calizona series.  I loved the irony, sarcasm, and banter between his characters.  So, when I saw he was offering this book as a one-day freebie – I jumped.   Once again he showed me that while his name is Rotten – his books are fresh!

There are three main characters, two humans (twin brothers) and one AI (Alexis) and a very strong supporting character who is an FBI agent.  The tongue in cheek humor and illustrations spread throughout give the book a feeling of fact.  That and the ability to link a few things to our current lives makes for a very captivating read.

If you haven’t figured out by now, I like snark! And Alexis is full of it.  However, her similarities to a basic product from the A company place made me realize that I may not have been paranoid in disconnecting and refusing to use mine. (And that was before I was banned from reviewing on there!)

The plot is twisted in a good way and the president, well — he seems just a little familiar.

Check out this author and all his great books HERE.


Imagine if tomorrow morning you woke to find every channel on TV, social media, and the entire internet, all exploding with images of a massive ocean liner hovering fifty feet in the air over the Long Beach harbor. There for the world to see, the RMS Queen Mary had been levitated by parties unknown. This is how the world learns of Jack & Jamie’s new invention: gravitational disaffinity.

After inventing an energy efficient form of antigravity, the Sparks brothers are ready to cash in on their billion-dollar discovery. But very soon they realize that there is no government or corporation on the planet that would not kidnap them for control of this technology. After all, gravitational disaffinity would not only change the entire world paradigm, but it would also be a priceless tactical advantage for the nation that possesses it first.

Desperate to see their invention change the world while enriching them, the brothers hatch a scheme to make their dreams come true while preemptively derailing those who would seek to steal their designs. In a funny and twisting story that never stands still, Jack and Jamie decide to chase their dreams, even if it kills them.

Like all Rotten novels, TDGBI is a fun, character-driven story, filled with tantalizing personalities that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. In a David vs Goliath match-up, the Sparks brothers take on massive forces in their quest to change the entire world paradigm. With the entire world beating down their door for control of their invention, will they succeed or be steamrolled by their own government?

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