Gems of the Druid by Bradley James Simpson


While I enjoy what I perceive to be good fantasy stories, it is not my go-to genre.  When I read books like this one, I wonder if it’s the genre or me.  I could see glimpses of a good plot and characters, but then they would disappear only to reappear later in the book.  Maybe that’s the magical part? Or maybe consistency is not as strong in this genre?  For me, this was an average book with an average cover, and so I have given it an ok or average rating.

I’d love a fantasy expert to give it a read and tell me what they think.

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Clan Peydon is in serious trouble. Lord Teobaud plans on conquering all the lands of Parras starting with the clans around him. Can Aslata and Gareth come up with a scheme that will save the day?

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