Operation Zombie Apocalypse Prep: Gearing Up! By Mr. Zhi

OperationZombieOk, this is not my usual read, but the concept for this book was so intriguing I could not resist.  Plus it is a Non-Fiction Book!

There have been several discussions around my kitchen table about survival in an apocalypse and frankly the Walmart closing down near us has made most of our plans invalid!  Mr. Zhi goes into incredible and scientific detail as to the possibility and variety of zombies. While at the same time using clever song lines and phrases to head his chapters.  He then goes into specifications on how to prepare for each type of zombie.

This book is a prepper’s dream! And all those fans of Zombie shows – here is your logical and complete guide to prepare in the real world.

To find out even more and stay ahead of the Zombies check out the author’s site HERE 


Don’t want zombies to eat your brains? Do you worry a lot about the zombie apocalypse? Not sure if you are ready?

Operation Zombie Apocalypse Prep: Gearing Up! is the first book in what will be a multiple book series written to ensure that you not only survive during the zombie apocalypse but THRIVE during it. This book will help you find the right stuff to survive the zpoc. What “stuff”? Gear, equipment and weapons. Think of this as the ultimate gear guide for the zombie apocalypse! #TheRightStuff #thriveNOTsurvive

This is not a work of fiction. Everything in this book is based off of real-world information. The author, Mr. ZHI, is a military veteran who served in the US Marine Corps as a Forward Observer and the US Army in the intelligence field. He deployed 3 times to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. Mr. ZHI uses the knowledge and experience gained from his time in the military to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you do not become zombie food during the zpoc. #Failing2PlanIsPlanning2Fail #NotZombieFood

This book represents the first “mission” to prepare you for surviving during the zpoc… if you choose to accept. By completing all of the missions in Operation Zombie Apocalypse Prep, you will be 100% ready and prepared to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you fail to survive after completing all the missions of Operation Zombie Apocalypse Prep, your purchase will be refunded without any questions asked. #CustomerService

I want YOU to survive the zombie apocalypse!

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