Bronte (Bocas Trilogy Book 2) by Thomas M. Barron


Having read and enjoyed the first book in this series, I was thrilled to get this real postcard in the mail announcing the second book.





In the continuing story of George, he is now in Australia for the funeral of his best friend PJ.  His wandering life has led him to his best friends battered baby mamma, hot sister, funny and intense brother and a whole new country to swim in.  There are even glimpses into a full-time gig as a “Dear Abby” type for the lovelorn twitter users.  The same agile scenes I enjoyed in the first book are here, and the glances inside George’s head made this a very enjoyable read.

I commented on the first book that I thought I was a little over the reader demographic, but I did not feel that way with this book – either the author did a better job, or I’m just getting younger (or both!).

I’ll be keeping my eye out for the end of the trilogy as I am now invested in George’s future and there was the slightest glimpse of what may be coming.

Check out more about this author HERE.


My best friend. May he rest in peace.  His legacy? Needs a little clean up.

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