Defiled (The Castle Chronicles, Book 1) by Michael Vassel

DefiledWhat a perfect start to either YA or Adult summer reading.  Majority of the story gathers around high school age characters.  There is a strong supporting character in Blackjack (the cat) and his relationship with the main character, Mark giving the reader glimpses of light humor.

The story follows Mark through his life and the discovery of his gifts.  I enjoyed reading about his friends and the discovery of their gifts.  Why there are so many kids in the same area with similar abilities was a question not answered but did not detract from the read.  When the friends gather to help someone trapped in the Netherworld the story quickly takes off, and I could not find a place to pause in my reading – it was too much of “what will happen next?”

I’ll be interested to see where how the next book carries on because while there is an opening, the reader also gets a strong closure.

SPOILER ALERT – there is a beautifully done twist towards the end that left me very pleasantly surprised.  It was the perfect ending that I never thought of.

Keep an eye on this author HERE.


“Find me please,” the girl said softly, her voice just above a whisper.

From an early age, Mark Castle has possessed abilities like very few others. He can see auras, speak to animals, and make people do things with a mere thought.

From the onset of these Gifts, Mark’s been having strange, vivid dreams. He dreams of a beautiful young woman floating in front of him, just out of his reach. And each time he sees her, she asks for the same thing. She begs for him to find her and release her from her torment.

In a quest to help the mysterious girl, Mark and his high school friends – Shane and Doug – contact the Netherworld and meet a spirit guide that claims he can help.

Is their spirit guide on the level? Is he really who he claims to be? Or, will Mark and his friends become trapped like the girl – suffering in the Netherworld for all eternity?

“Defiled” is the first novel in the Castle Chronicles. A series that follows the life – and afterlife – of Mark Castle as he comes to grips with his fantastic powers, and his extraordinary ability to contact beings from the Netherworld.

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