Nomad by Aaron S Gallagher


The characters that this author creates are always the draw for me.  He has outdone himself in this book.  The main character, Joshua or Nomad, is a good guy trying to do the right thing and looking for justice for his club (aka his family).  While he is a “tough biker” inside, he is the heart of what belonging means.  The manner in which he handles adversity and the potential of love is with his entire being.  He leaves nothing on the table.

The research and insider knowledge and workings of a Motorcycle club are portrayed in a realistic yet relatable way.  The moral code represented by this group is strong.  I appreciated the way it was presented so that even us “non-Reapers” could get an inward view. An intense but easy read that is delicious all the way through!

Full disclosure here.  I met this author a couple of years ago when I read and commented on his book What You Wish For.  He was local, and we met for tea to talk about his characters – the rest is history or in this case – continuing.  I had the pleasure of editing this book.  However, that in no way influenced my opinion presented here.  There are many books I edit that you will not see on my blog!

For more about this author and his varied other works – CLICK HERE


Sometimes you’ve got it coming.

That’s what the townspeople of Huachuca, Arizona said after the local chapter of the Reapers Motorcycle Club was massacred. More than thirty people- patched members, prospects, wives, and girlfriends- left to die in the summer sun of Arizona in 1966.

Joshua ‘Nomad’ Callaghan rolls into nearby Jericho five years later. A Reaper without a home, a man with a grim past and an uncertain future. Fiercely devoted to his club, Nomad longs for a permanent home, brothers to count on, and an end to his wandering.

As he digs into the Huachuca slaughter, the few clues he finds only deepen the puzzle. An entire chapter gone. No answers, no leads. Whether it was revenge, retribution, or simply bad luck, in Nomad’s mind it’s only one thing: unforgivable.

Sometimes you’ve got it coming.

And sometimes you are what’s coming.

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