Chance Beginning (Shadow’s Fire #1) by Christopher Patterson


The first book in this trilogy does a great job of pulling the reader in.  The author nicely gives all the background information needed as the story progresses.

What starts as a story of two brothers and a cousin from a farming background who find themselves trying to scratch out a living and exist in a harsh environment rapidly turns.  For the first third of the book I kept wondering where the Fantasy was and then like a shadow it slipped into the room and it was as if it had been there all along – very cleverly done.

This is the perfect book to add to your beach bag for summer reading.  The characters are fully developed and the story keeps you going.  But, put on the sunscreen as you may fall into the story and not realize how much time has passed.

This Book received a Reader’s Favorite Award Winner in Epic Fantasy

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Erik Eleodum never wanted to be a hero. Fate had a different plan.

Erik will face danger, deceit, murder, death, evil, and – most terrifyingly – himself to become the hero he was always meant to be

Erik is content farming for his family for the rest of his life, while his brother and cousin can’t think of a worse fate. For different reasons, they leave the life they know behind. Soon, their world crashes down around them as they realize it is cruel, brutal, selfish, and violent. Now, they must not only rely on one another, but also on gypsies, thieves, mercenaries, dwarves, and a mage for their survival.

In the end, Erik will face danger, deceit, murder, death, evil, and – most terrifyingly – himself to become the hero he was always meant to be as an ancient evil many thought only a myth resurfaces.

Enter a world readers have compared to the epic fantasies of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, a world of adventure, terror, political intrigue, sorcery, and great heroic deeds. Come face to face with ogres, elves, dwarves, slavers, black mages, ruthless warriors, dragons, evil and fear.

A true hero’s journey of faith, friendships, and trials well worth the price of admission!


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