Ghost Days, An Anna O’Brien Collection by Asher Elbein & Tiffany Turrill


Wandering around twitter one day, I saw a local author doing a reading at Malvern Books.  Recovering from foot surgery, I knew there is no way I could attend, but I could be a decent soul and at least re-tweet the event.  One thing led to another and surprise – a copy of this book appeared at my front door!

Now if you have been reading my blogs, you know what a scardey cat I am when it comes to horror so when the summary (see below) says plenty of horrors – I knew this was day time reading.  Little did I realize it would be a one day read as I could not put it down.

Starting as a historical tale from Appalachia, this anthology will quickly lull you into Anna’s world; however, when her husband returns from a hunting trip, mangled and not speaking – the world tilted.  I really hate to give too much away – as the surprises are best experienced without warning – however, think about if you would be able to pay the price? Wandering and learning Anna is one of those characters that have the ability to remain in my mind long after the last page.

The illustrations for this Historical Fantasy are the perfect accompaniment and carry the story along just as well as the words.  I especially enjoyed the end containing comments by Asher & Tiffany as to their background when creating the creatures that inhabit the book.

Add this to your summer must read list – you will be glad you did.

You can find out more about Asher Elbein HERE and Tiffany Turrill HERE.

Keep an eye on Asher on TWITTER.

To order your own copy of this beautifully bound hardback book CLICK HERE.


Southern Appalachia, 1900. Anna O’Brien had a home, a husband, and a future. Now, cast out by tragedy and strange magic, she wanders the countryside on her wooden leg: living by her wits, settling spirits for her work, and never, ever looking back.

There are plenty of horrors ahead. Ancient things stir in the woods, awakened by the belching locomotives and logging cuts. Dark things yearn for a terrible savior on a remote hill. A bank heist runs afoul of an undead curse. Two women find themselves tormented by a relentless suitor. An omen of death dogs Anna’s heels. And deep in the land beneath mountains, a forgotten god offers a difficult gift.

Anna O’Brien’s got a lot to learn. If she’s going to survive, she’d better learn fast…

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