The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins


Aliens that pull pranks – I’m in! This Space Opera/Science Fiction is an incredibly quick paced read.  While there are the usual many characters, worlds, ships, etc. to keep track of, this author does a great job of creating each and making the transitions easy to follow.  I can’t imagine the book without any one piece.

The ribbing and banter that go on between characters and even inside their heads added an ample amount of humor.  Taking place in the not too distant future (2048) I found it refreshing to know that some of my favorite movie quotes will continue to have a life!  I have to admit that my favorite character was Tarq! And if I was ever going to have to deal with an alien – he’s the one I want! Oh, and did I mention the brainwashing?  You’ll just have to read it to see how that plays out.

This is a great summer or anytime read and I would gladly pass it on to anyone 16 or older.

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The Akakies, a peaceful, technologically advanced alien species known as “the galaxy’s pranksters,” are under attack by the Xortaags, a vicious military race bent on conquering the universe. The Xortaags are deadly, but Tarq, the Akakies’ chief strategist and legendary shadow master, has a plan.

Meanwhile on Earth, Jim, a wise-cracking, movie-quoting, OCD-suffering fighter pilot, is about to propose to his girlfriend Liz when his childhood friend Kurt shows up at his house, injured and covered in blood. Kurt is a freedom fighter/super- assassin hunted by a brutal military dictatorship’s security forces.  Soon after, Jim, Liz and Kurt’s lives are set to crash with a galactic war that threatens the very existence of the human race.

Can our heroes save humanity from the wrath of an overwhelming enemy?

 The Crimson Deathbringer seamlessly blends breathtaking action sequences with mischievous humor. If you are a science fiction/space opera fan, this book, with its memorable characters, formidable antagonist and Game of Thrones style shocking moments, is written especially for you.

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