Old Fart Advice by Michael J. Tate


My life has been filled with Old Farts giving advice.  I was raised by a dad that loved to give OFA (Old Fart Advice), married a man who dispenses his OFA to any audience, and I also gave birth to an old soul young man who now shares all kinds of OFAs with the high school classes he teaches.  When I saw this author sitting behind a pile of these books at the North Texas Book Festival – I was sold.  That night I met my son and handed the book to him.  With school finally out for the summer, he had a chance to read it and was quite pleased to see that someone else gave the good advice he regularly hands out!  I borrowed it for a quick weekend read, and I really enjoyed it.

This delightful yet brief book is a sweet tale of a 50th Anniversary party of Captain Jimmy and his wife, Clara.  Tales are told by the many and varied people regarding their lives and how they were impacted by Captain Jimmy’s OFAs.   Reading this book was like coming home to very familiar sayings and adages.

This book is one size definitely fits all and a reminder of the best way to live our lives.  The perfect gift for all ages and stages!

To purchase your own copy of this book, CLICK HERE.


James Burton “Captain Jimmy” Robinson served as an officer with the Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Police Department for over forty years. Join him and his lovely bride, Clara as they celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary at First Baptist Church with family and friends. Pull up a chair, have a seat and listen as the audience shares their special “OFA” moments with Captain Jimmy and Ms. Clara. After the experience, you should be entertained and enlightened, but above all else; your life should be influenced.

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