Rise of Villains (The Anuk Chronicles Book 2) by Abdur R. Mohammed


While this is the second book in this series, it does well as a stand-alone.  This is an intense read with a lot going on, so bring your A-Game reading skills.

There is a jump back in time about a third of the way into the book that gave some great information and clarified a lot of my questions.  I understand why it was placed where it was, but as a reader, I would have liked to have had that information earlier.

An aspect I also enjoyed was the instances of average every day – today – that appear within the story.  Even though it is set so far in the future, it was enjoyable to see a few things stay the same.

There’s a bit of good old fashioned sibling rivalry, royalty, extremely long lives and pure soldiers to round out the story.  The ending leaves you with just the right amount of wanting more and lucky for the reader; Book 3 is right around the corner.

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The aftermath of a massacre forges new alliances which set out to save humanity from a rising evil, before the awakening of the ancient ones.

The forces of darkness unify to fulfill plans set in motion a millennia ago. Secrets are revealed, fealty tested. Persephone’s heir emerges to herald the return of humanity’s progenitors from the stars.

Atlantean forces are gathered to proclaim vehement war on the world, with only a band of misfits in their path.

The Great Houses of Enlil and Enki draw the battle lines in the end-times – JUDGMENT DAY.

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