Death Comes In Threes (Addie Foster Mystery Series #1) By Kimberley O’Malley


You have probably realized by this point that my favorite escape reads are Cozy Mysteries.  This one has the right amount of good solid characters, extra interest (in this case two dogs and two great Aunts) and a decent Mystery.  Also what I love is when a series book has an ending yet leaves you so entrenched by the characters that you want more – and this book did that too.

This is a very quick read allowing you to jump into Addie’s world, (oh and she owns a bookstore – dream job!) get interested and realize just how much you want to keep going.  Luckily for other readers and me, there are already two more in the series.  If you want to read just for the pure fun of it – this is a book to throw on your reading device and go.  It is currently included in Kindle Unlimited.

For more about this author and this series – CLICK HERE.


Addie Foster, owner of Smiling Dog Books, loves her small-town life. Until someone, or rather several someones, tries to end it. What secrets is she hiding? Add one gay BFF and one dark, brooding detective into the mix and watch everything unfold. Will Addie figure out why someone wants her dead before it’s too late? Or will this be her final chapter?


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