Saving Thandi (Adventures of Jabu & Friends) Book 2 by Kate S Richards


I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this middle school adventure and could not wait to see where Jabu would lead us next.  A nice surprise was the return of the character Ice, who added a lot more depth to the attitude of the other characters.  This is a series that I have now recommended several times to anyone over the age of 11.  The insight into the animal rescue preserves and surfing are impeccably done.  The issue of poaching is handled in a realistic yet age-appropriate manner for even the younger readers.

This is the perfect read for anyone looking for a great adventure series for themselves or their kids.

For more about this author CLICK HERE.  Currently, if you subscribe to her site, you will receive a free ebook of the first in this series TrainsurferSee my review here.


A furious storm, a clumsy gun-wielding monkey, a charging rhino, rogue waves and foolish courage will need to combine if Jabu and friends are to pull off a daring rhino rescue, an incredible kidnapping escape and save an animal orphanage from an impending shutdown.If they fail, more rhinos will be slaughtered for their horns, Alexia and Billie will be taken away on the Jewel of the Sea, and the organised crime network will be victorious. “Saving Thandi” is an exciting blend of adventure, mystery and action, with conservation at its heart. Well-loved characters from “Trainsurfer” and quirky animals take on evil villains in a series of riveting scenes. With pounding heart and moist eyes, you may forever care about the plight of rhinos in Africa.


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