The Ballad of Persephone (The Anuk Chronicles) by Abdur R. Mohammad


I had the pleasure of reading another book from this series so when this one appeared, I jumped at the chance to see where the story was going next.

Again, I give the same advice as my review of my previous read – make sure you are in intense reading mode.  This author packs a whole bunch of Mythology/Science Fiction into one book.  The ancient mythology angle pulled me into the story and with the intricate details provided by the author, as well as comprehensively created worlds, I was totally “in” the story.

This book centers around Princess Persephone.  Think a combination of a good heart, entitled teenager, invincible attitude and mildly scattered being and that is just some of the parts of the Princess.

While each book in the series all has a branch that entwines with the others, they are also very comfortable as stand alones.  Just pick one and escape!  You will be delighted you did.

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The ancients from the stars shall return.

A global plague ends with the miraculous birth of Princess Persephone of House Enlil – sole heir to the Hyperborian Empire. An innocent encounter reveals a plot clothed in divine purpose, threatening stability within the realms of humanity. At risk is a powerful relic from the stars which ushers in the return of the Anunnaki. Fates converge on a dystopian precipice. Persephone’s naivete is stripped away, drawing battle lines between ancient houses. She cradles humanity’s destruction within, with her family’s mantra on bloody lips, “Man cannot rule man.”

The wheels of fate tumble towards a precipice of dystopia in an age before the “deluge.” A time where the myths of today are born and the path to prophecy is paved.


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