“I Was Just A Radioman” The Memoirs of a WW2, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Compiled by Pamela Ackerson


Wandering the aisles at the Indie Book Fest in Orlando, I noticed this book.  Non-fiction for me is a treat and something I reward myself with when the fiction world is surrounding me.  This book may be small but it is mighty in its story and photos.  The pages contain a collection of memories and experiences of Chief ARM H. P. Lawrence.  It is high on details and military information but it also gives you a perfect glimpse into the mind of the man and the era. The included collection of photos are the perfect accent to the story.

This book is currently offered as free through Audio Books and Kindle Unlimited.

For more about the author who compiled this book, CLICK HERE.


Their hearts were strong, and their courage endless.
Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat radioman, and decorated WW 2 veteran. ARM H. P. Lawrence, tells the true story of the fight against the Japanese in this compilation of his memoirs.

One of only a handful of non-Native American code-talkers, H. P. Lawrence became a member of an elite fighting force, the Black Cats. Flying in their nocturnal missions, the Cats claws were sharp and their aim deadly.

From devastation to victory, the story of these brave men−the deadly, mysterious, and illusive Black Cats is a journey into the past where nightmares came true and hatred reigned. A time in history we should never, ever forget.

The day which will live in infamy…was just the beginning.


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