Breaking the Flame (#3 Shadow’s Fire Trilogy) by Christopher Patterson

BreakingThis is the last book in the Trilogy, and I have enjoyed all of them.  The central character Erik continues his journey and his maturing along with discoveries of evil lying in wait.  The complicated and brave Dwarfs are here in full force and Erik has learned to listen to his dagger.  A well-done conclusion to the trilogy but at the same time I can see the possibility of Erik continuing – fingers crossed.

For more about this Trilogy CLICK HERE.


It was the most unlikely of paths for the simple farmer, but one he must now embrace. 

Erik has become a hero, a warrior… and a leader. 

The journey to find the lost dwarvish city of Orvencrest is almost complete, but the nearer Erik and his companions are to their goal, the greater the danger.

As Erik nears the end of his quest, he is now torn between his dwarvish allies, his family, and fulfilling the mission given to them by the Lord of the East. It is Erik who must decide what is best for the rest of the world.

As he discovers atrocities and forgotten histories, buried deep within an abandoned, dwarvish city, Erik unwittingly awakens an ancient evil, one the world hasn’t seen for a thousand years. It is an evil that threatens to enslave the world again, but the chains are not made of iron, but of fire.

There is only one choice for Erik now, to die or to break the flame…


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