Dear Lorna: A Love Story by L. E. Perez


I heard this author speak at the Indie Book Fest (now Orlando Reads Book Group).  I go with my gut when I hear authors speak and I found this articulate person very engaging.  She writes a wide variety of genres and I was trying to figure out which one I would like to read when a complete stranger told me about this book and the effect it had on her.  I was sold – and so was the book!

With glimpses of backstory shown to the reader through memories and letters, this story is an “in the moment” love exploration of two people trying to find their way.  The progress of a deep friendship and work relationship has developed into an unbinding love.

Keep a tissue or two nearby as these characters can pull on your heartstrings.

For more about this author and all her books, CLICK HERE


Pain reminds us that we breathe
Angst reminds us why we cry
Loss reminds us what we yearn for
Love is why we don’t die.
Love is a funny thing. Sometimes only tragedy can bring it to light. Sky and Lorna are best friends. Working together has had its ups a downs especially when one is in law enforcement. A misunderstanding and betrayal threatens to destroy a friendship based on years of love and understanding. What happens when the worst happens? Can love bring you back? Can you ever be who you were or is the love you suddenly discover doomed to fall silent?

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