A Timed Wager (The Lost Trinkets Series Book 1) by Sherrie Lea Morgan

Timed Wager

In August at the Indie Book Fest in Orlando, this author was offering this novella at a special price.  Never one to pass up a deal I bought it and let’s just say it was a steal.

Think a box of trinkets with a past, someone who can read the past and a twin sister ghost to help, it makes an absorbing tale.  This book is a combination cozy mystery, light romance (some steam) and small town tale.  All the books in the series are novellas so a quick yet rewarding read.

Anyone who has been following my blog knows about my adventures with that A company.  The rest of this series is only available there, but I cringed and purchased the next book (even if they will never allow me to review it!).  I can only hope that eventually the series is offered by a more friendly shop or I may be taking a flight to whatever Book Fest the author is selling at!

For more about this series and other books by this author, CLICK HERE.


When the gloves come off, the truth comes out…

Ghosts of the past hover at Shannon Pryce’s fingertips, waiting for her to touch the things they loved and envision snapshots of their lives. With the ghostly spirit of her wise-cracking twin sister at her side, Shannon’s gift made her the most sought-after psychic in Birmingham. Until she tried to help the police find a missing boy alive—and failed.

When she inherits Trinkets, an antique store in small-town Petrie’s Crossing, she jumps at the chance to leave the nightmares behind. The dusty shop comes with a cat, quirky neighbors, and Mitch—sexy owner of the corner diner, whose touch leaves her weak-kneed with desire.

Trinkets also comes with a hidden cache of seemingly unrelated objects, each with a mystery to untangle. Shannon resolves to return each one to its rightful owner, though even this small, hesitant use of her gift reopens a Pandora’s box of flashbacks.

Can she manage to accomplish her mission, keep her sanity, fall in love, and sidestep the local police, all while keeping her gift off the town gossips’ radar?


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