Never Been More Free by Jill Stacey

Never Been

I had the pleasure of chatting with this author at the Indie Book Fest, and she graciously gave me her book and a clever butterfly bookmark!

This author created a visual tale within her book.  By changing the fonts used for chapters centering around different characters, the reader can easily transition to the next phase, unveiling the story’s progress.  A lovely idea that worked well as the story surrounds a family each dealing with their own internal issues and also the interaction that they have with each other.

There is some repetition as the reader experiences events from different viewpoints but this is only in short sections.    A nicely done first book of a trilogy that will help empower you never to give up and to mend broken relationships.  Included in the book is a discussion guide.

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Trying to make sense of their lives in pursuit of freedom, Gordon and his family, and Juliet, his new love, share the intimate details of their secret past. Taboos and silence propel them to turn their troubles into triumphs.
Gordon falls in love with Juliet Sanders, Hollywood’s princess, as he gets his post-divorce life going, while his ex-wife, alcoholic Beth, struggles with sobriety and her crazy parents, whose own secrets share the burden of blame and shame.

Never Been More Free explores serious subjects of family dynamics, gender inequality, sexual abuse, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, and failed marriage.

Fluidly, eloquently, and with humor; this love story and drama, filled with sensuality, sexuality, and seduction, tackles the age-old desire of what it means to be free. The underlying messages are meant to be thought provoking and maybe act as a change agent in these times where anti-Semitism, gender inequality, and sexual abuse dominate the news. The overarching theme is the desire for Freedom. What it means to each of them, how they pursue it, if they succeed in their quest, and how it is manifested.

One thought on “Never Been More Free by Jill Stacey

  1. Thanks, Jennie. Glad you enjoyed. Second book launched recently. She’s Never Been More Free. Website under construction, more YouTube channel interviews, third book in the works! All exciting vehicles to spread my message – courage=freedom


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