The Horse and Mr. Hyde (A Black Beauty Short Story) by Matt Ferraz


When I worked as a librarian my favorite stories for storytime were fractured fairy tales.  So when I read the description for this short story, I was keen to get started.

Told from a clever point of view – the horse’s – this short story packed in a lot of legends.  What if Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde met up with Black Beauty?  With a slight edge into scary, this would make an appropriate read for any age especially this month!

Keeping true to both original stories, this author pulled off a great read.

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A horse pulling a cab in London takes on many strange passengers, but nothing could prepare Black Beauty for Mr Edward Hyde. The evil face of Dr Jekyll steals the animal from his owner and rides him away into the night, leaving behind a trail of blood and despair. This wild journey will change forever the way you look at these classic literary characters.

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