Happy Everything (Merry Hanukkah Series) by Debby Caruso


I fell in love with this author and her characters in her first book.  It was as if she had taken some pages directly from my life (Rhonda with her list making, organization, always trying to make everyone happy and feeling guilty if they are not, hits way too close to home) – so I was very interested to see where Rhonda and James were going next!

This book picks up just two years after Merry Hanukkah ends.  This is a fast-paced, relatable and comfortable read.  Within the first chapter, I was right back in tune with the main characters.  I could not put it down and finished it quickly – a little too quickly, but I have high hopes of reading more of whatever this author has to offer.

Perfect for a curl by the fireplace, beach lounge or hiding in the laundry room read!

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Happy Everything is the ongoing story of Rhonda and James, following them from Merry Hanukkah directly into the much anticipated second installment in the Merry Hanukkah series. Everyone’s favorite newlyweds have settled into married life, but now it’s Dez and Jack’s turn to make it official. In typical Rhonda fashion, she’s determined to give her best friend Dez the best bridal shower ever, all while juggling yet another work crisis and still trying desperately to fit in to her new family situation. Unfortunately, Aunt Bunny is diagnosed with cancer, and the entire family starts coming apart at the seams. Rhonda and James step in to help support Uncle Ben any way they can, but it’s never enough for Rhonda’s incorrigible mother-in-law, Vivian. Will Vivian’s constant meddling finally cause Rhonda and James irreparable damage? Is there any way that Rhonda can pull the family together by hosting both Passover and Easter on the same weekend? Why is Rhonda’s Dad suddenly dating someone much younger than him? And how can Rhonda come up with a new and exciting way to sell protein bars?

Follow Rhonda into this new chapter of her life, where success hinges on the latest and greatest ad campaign, and her personal triumphs are determined by how much she can do for others. Journey with her as she begins to slowly realize that she can’t be all things to all people; even the ones you love the most.

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